An X-ACT ART production


Movie ★ 1 hour 35 minutes ★ Drama
Completed in 2017

Rita feels rejected by her husband, Alfred, and this results in outbursts of violent jealousy of both their handicapped little son, Eyolf, and Alfred’s stepsister Asta, to whom Alfred is strongly attached. Eyolf’s accidental drowning triggers off  the suppressed guilt, exposes the lies and the remorse and fuels their need for absolution.

The film is a free adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play “Little Eyolf”.





        a film by Spiros Diamantis

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            X-ACT ART

              X-Act Art Theatre and Cinema Company was founded in 2011 by Korina Chrisaidou and George Haratzas. Its first theatrical production included texts by A.Strindberg (“Motherly Love” and “The Stronger”) and took place at the Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens, 2011. Its second theatrical production was the “Creditors” by A.Strindberg which was performed at “Alkmini” theater, Athens, 2014. The company’s 3rd production was “The Lover” by H.Pinter and was played at “Olvio” theatre, Athens and around Greece in 2016. Its 4th production was“Eyolf” by H. Ibsen, which combined a stage and film production of an adaptation of “Little Eyolf” by H.Ibsen. The play was performed at “Vryssaki” theatre space in Plaka, 2013 and “The X-Act Place”, 2017. The film, directed by Spiros Diamantis, was completed in 2017 and is currently being submitted to various international film festivals. In its work X-Act Art is committed to using as a method of acting “Practical Aesthetics”, David Mamet’s acting technique. Both Korina Chrisaidou and George Haratzas studied “Practical Aesthetics” at Atlantic Theater Company Acting School, New York and they have been teaching it in Greece since 2007.